written by: LaKrista Knox

Ph4ntom, (formerly known as Y.P. a.k.a. Yung Phantom) is a musical force of lyrics with a haunting unforgettable flow. His smooth demeanor does no justice to his intense, yet melodic libretto leaving you in disbelief wondering if what you heard was even real. Born and raised in Montgomery, AL he had a strong love for music at a young age composing his first rhyme in the 5th grade. The art of music in general is a first and lasting love for him. He heavily engages himself in every element of it from unlimited time in the studio, independently composing material, traveling to rap-battle events extending composure, and gaining exposure of the business aspect. Creating authentic and relatable music he has gained a diversified fan-base engaging listeners with real-life experiences. Every emotion shared is every emotion felt. He is not only attractive to fans but highly requested to collaborate with other artists. His versatile flow-style, innovative hooks & energizing performance will leave you speechless.

Watch Ph4ntom’s Freestyle Friday feature premiering Friday, January 5th.