Erica’s Table of 20

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First things first…. Why does Rico Love look like he could be my brother???


Ever since I started Kenya Feel Me it has been a dream of mine to host a private dinner of some sort. Imagine my surprise when I started interning (yes, I said interning) for JDB Hospitality, and she introduced me to her sister, Erica Dias– cofounder of The B Firm PR, and founder of Erica’s Table of 20.

Erica invited me to Atlanta for her 30th Erica’s Table of 20 at Neiman Marcus. To an even bigger surprise she was honoring Grammy award winning artist Rico Love. Of course I was there no matter what!

The night before I hosted a Red&Blue Ball for my Dad’s fraternity, ran social media accounts for my clients TBaldwin Music at BB Kings, and somehow made time to entertain my partner after he returned from his gig.

I learned very quickly that in this business you are constantly moving at an accelerated pace, most of the time on very little sleep. After a good 3 hours of zzz’s I gassed up my whip and hit I-85 to ATL.

As I’m about 30 minutes outside the city I get a text message saying “Where are you??? you’re supposed to be here helping!!!” It was about 11:50AM, and I wasn’t supposed to arrive until 12:45PM. However, it was a misunderstanding since Erica thought she said 11:45AM.

LIFE LESSON: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, just don’t bother showing up. 

When I finally arrived I was blown away. The balloon arrangement by Moms KlosetBalloons was absolutely flawless, the custom menus by Robin’s Nest were breathtaking, and the decor by Prissy Plate Company—UNMATCHED! For my first private lunch, I must say I was inspired.


Photo: Christopher Jamar Payne/The B Firm

The conversation with Rico Love was nothing short of refreshing either. We had real life conversations that are so beneficial to maneuvering through this thing we call life. Rico opened up about bankruptcy, maintaining your sanity (and pride), and remaining great throughout it all.

The biggest takeaway from Rico Love was the fact that he prided himself on being great rather than being humble. Greatness is giving the janitor the same respect you give the CEO. Greatness is a no brainer–you don’t think about it, you just do it!

I truly believe Rico challenged every woman in that room to grow out and be great, today, tomorrow, and forever more!

Rico’s 3rd studio album, Even Kings Die, is available now on all platforms.

If you’d like to attend Erica’s 31st Table of 20 (March 9th), email Follow Erica Dias on IG – @fashion101ed @thebfirmPR @tableof20.

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