10 Artists To Watch In 2019

We are officially a month into 2019 which means I am officially a month behind in telling y’all what’s really hood.

Sooo many dope artists have hit the music scene in 2018 just barely making their debut before the new year snatched us all by our edges!

You know what they say though right? Better late than never! So here’s a list of 10 artist that are taking the music industry by storm this year.

Some you may have heard of; some you may be introduced to for the first time. Whatever the case may be, just make sure you add them to your playlist! OKURRR ?? OKURR !


  1. Lucky Daye

Cult-born, New Orleans native Lucky Daye is unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time. Rocking his hair in its natural state, frolicking through the flowers with a chocolate queen whose fro is literally natural hair goals, and melting his sultry vocals on top of a whimsical melody it’s no secret that Lucky Daye is next up. His alternative tone is reminiscent of Frank Ocean, but undoubtedly his own. 

His break out single, “Roll Some Mo” is the very reason I can’t get enough of him. View the full video below. 

2. Melii

Harlem singer/rapper Melii is the sour-patch kid of HipHop & RnB. One minute she’s singing sweetly in Spanish, and the next second her hardcore Harlem-bred vocals cut like a knife. She is definitely a double-edged, bilingual sword that has proved she deserves to be in this game.

“See Me” is her latest single which shows the softer side of this spicy mami, but don’t be fooled– she’s all bark & BITE! 

3. Chuck iNDigo 

If you’ve been following me for some time then I’m sure you’re familiar with Chuck Indigo. First introduced on the scene in 2016, Chuck iNDigo has proven over the past three years that he deserves his spot in this industry. With his latest project Souliloquoy, the Nashville rapper covers political, religious, and real-life issues we face daily. An artist who is not afraid to be himself, with a message that demands to be heard–Chuck flawlessly proves that this is the year of iNDigo. 


4. That Boogie 

17-year-old high school senior, That Boogie, is making great strides in the music scene. With a voice that rivals artists twice his age, and a big fan-base backing him, That Boogie is the young artist to keep your eye on this year. 

Enjoy his first single, “HML” ft. Young Kevv


5. Kirk Jay

Country music has a new face, and it’s a black man from Bay Minette, Alabama. Kirk Jay made his debut to the world on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice, and shook the country music scene down to their gotdamn cowboy boots. Mixing country vocals with R&B runs, and Gospel roots there isn’t a voice on Earth like Kirk Jay’s. Whether you’re a country music fan or not, it’s safe to say that Kirk Jay has a voice that we all can enjoy. 

Check out this video of him singing, “In Case You Didn’t Know”, and catch him live February 16th at the MPAC in Montgomery, AL. 


6. Megan Thee Stallion

H-TOWN STAND UPPP!! Megan Thee Stallion says exactly what every woman is thinking deep, deep down. 22-year-old full-time college student by day, and freaky bad-b**** rapper by night! Megan Thee Stallion got 2019 on lock! Her provocative lyrics will make even St. Mary want to throw off her robe and “werk out”! 

Hold my wig while I cut up real quick! 


7. Jr. Boss

Welcome home Jr. MF Boss! After sitting down for a hot second, Jr. Boss is back and showing the streets that he ain’t missed a beat! After dropping “1000 Nights” in the fall of 2018, Jr. Boss came right back a few months later with the release of his latest project, “Jr. Batiste”. For him, this album is personal showcasing the multifaceted side of Montgomery’s very own. With legendary producer Bro Pham (CLVSSIC.) by his side, Jr. Boss is sure to be Alabama’s next major artist. 

“Ain’t Playin’ Fair” ft. Rubberband OG goes down in debut song history. Jr. Boss sends a clear message to everyone going against him. 


8. Xay Astro

Seriously, this artist could not have picked a more perfect name! Born and raised in Opelika, Alabama with a sound that is undeniably out of this world. If Kanye West, Travis Scott, A$AP, and Wiz Khalifa all had a dope ass little brother, that prodigy would be Xay Astro. FLY off his upcoming EP, Daydreaming, is probably one of the coldest songs I’ve heard from an indie artist in a minute. 

Every song he drops proves itself better than the last. Mark my words– Xay Astro is something special. 


9. Pink Sweat$

Even if “Honesty” wasn’t a dope song, Pink Sweat$ would have made this list based off the simple fact that he created one of the dopest videos I’ve ever seen in my life! *[Big shoutout to his directors.]* In West Philadelphia born and raised, Pink Sweat$ actually started out as a songwriter, which is how he got his name. One day in the studio someone referred to him as “pink sweats” and the rest is history. 

The thing I love most about this artist, aside from his visual creativity, is his ability to leave his heart on the track. Pink Sweat$ is a vulnerable artists who makes his listeners feel his lyrics down to their soul. His lyrics flow through the body like liquid gold pumping through your veins. 

OK maybe that was a little dramatic, but am I lying? 


10. Mahalia

Last but definitely not least is my girl Mahalia. UK-bred soul artist Mahalia has an energy that is like Erykah Badu and Corinne Bailey Rae had a secret love child. It is almost impossible not to get entranced by her hypnotizing vocals. Mahalia is no stranger to the music industry however, making her first debut at age 12 as a songwriter, and even gone on tour with Ed Sheeran. Make no mistake though, 2019 belongs to the queen!


If you enjoyed this list be sure to stay tuned for my Love Playlist dropping next month!


Peace, love, & good vibes…

xo, Kenya





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