Just Say NO.


No, I don’t want your number. 

No, I will not work your event for free. 

No, I don’t want to meet you nowhere. 

No, I won’t promote your event. 

No, I don’t want to hang out. 

No, no, no, and NO! 

1 word, 1 syllable, 2 letters, and yet it’s so hard for us to say. We’ve been trained majority of our lives to exercise our “yes”, but what about utilizing the power of our “NO” ? 

I remember the first time I understood the true power behind the word no. I was new to the entertainment industry, and knew that I needed to get some first-hand experience under my belt. I was taking any and every opportunity presented to me free of pay. Honestly, I didn’t even care that I wasn’t getting paid I just wanted the exposure. It wasn’t until I received a huge opportunity (where I did majority of the work and did not get compensated for it) that I realized my worth. 

Later on this same company approached me again with another opportunity, but this time I said no. It was scary… It seemed a bit rude, but damnit it felt good! It felt powerful! And best of all I was in control of my brand and talents. The beautiful thing about your first “no” is that the “no’s” that proceed it are much easier. Soon it won’t seem so tough. It’ll be much easier to recognize your worth and settle for nothing less than what you want. 

People may be offended. Some people may even try to tarnish your reputation, but in the end you will be respected. It is much better to be respected than to be liked, and truthfully people that respect you secretly like you anyway. 

So think about that situation you constantly find yourself in knowing that you’d rather be doing something else. Think about that job you’re repeatedly doing with little to no pay. Think about all the feelings of disappointment and being unappreciated you’ve felt. The next time you’re faced with a similar situation JUST SAY NO!! 

✌️, ❤️ , & good vibes…

XO, Kenya 

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