Mid-Year Check Up


It’s time to do some self-evaulating and reflecting. We’re almost seven months into the year — that’s a little over halfway through. It’s time to revisit my goals and hold myself accountable.

This time last year I walked into iHeartmedia and literally begged for a job. No, like I really sat there and told the girl at the front desk that I wasn’t going anywhere until she let me speak to someone. That didn’t really work out like I planned, but today marks 7 months on the job.

Let me tell you, the power of manifestation is so real! June 2017 I set a goal to be hired at iHeartmedia, and by November 2017 I achieved that goal. Now as we approach the 7th month in the year it is time for me to refocus, realign my energies, and finish out the year strong.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are some goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

Have you achieved any of those goals yet?

What are you doing to ensure that you reach them?

What behaviors can you change? 

I challenge you to write the vision and make it plain. Meditate on your goals each day. Look in the mirror and recite them to yourself three times a day.

There are four steps to remember when manifesting:

  1. Stay positive.
  2. Say it as if it’s already done.
  3. Don’t spend time thinking of anything opposite of what you want.
  4. Visualize yourself with it already in your possession. See, feel, smell, and hear it.

If it reflects in your mind, it will manifest in the physical.

Write out your dreams and go crush them. Finish out the year just as strong as you started it!


peace, love, & good vibes…

xo, Kenya 

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