Dressing Like An Adult … Kinda

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Dress: Fashion Nova | Blazer: Just Fab | Purse: Steve Madden

I haven’t done a #SlayoftheWeek in a while, but guess what!! I’m back… for good! LOL

And I’m popping off my comeback with a look I like to call, “office chic”. This style was inspired by my new job (of course).

When I first got hired on at my new job I was super excited, yet I knew I’d have to prove myself and get over being the young, new girl. Chile, people (listeners and clients included) would ask me if I was an intern. They would assume I was 18 (I’m a month shy of 24, btw), and I found myself not being taken as seriously.

One way I figured I would combat the issue was by dressing more professionally. One of the hardest transitions for me was finding a professional style that was conservative, yet fun.

I know there are a ton of other millennials out there like me; trying to figure out how to balance staying trendy and professional. So, here are a few sites where I’ve had my best luck finding cute, office chic outfits.

Fashion Nova

fashion nova






peace, love, & good vibes…

xoxo, Kenya Rae

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