Cheers to Everything Summer Taught Me!

Photo Credits: Dave Bullen


September 22 officially marks the end of summer. As this productive season comes to a close I’d like to reflect on how far I’ve come, and hopefully it will help you to see your own growth as well.

Each season grants us a new opportunity, and often times we only take them at surface value. We’re so busy thinking about what went wrong that we miss the blessing in our lessons. So here’s to the ending of one season, and the birth of a new one. May it be more prosperous than the last!


The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. 



This summer was honestly one of the hardest summers for me. I got fired from my job (which is a story we don’t have time for today) and I wasn’t having much luck finding another one that paid just as well. I figured I’d take on a petty office or retail job until I figured things out. It wasn’t until I saw an ad for a social media specialist that I had an epifany. I took my talents to the freelance world and hustled my size 9 booty off! It was during that time that I realized I never really needed to wait on an opportunity. I’d never been the time to sit back and wait on something to happen. Change started within me, and I had to go out take what was mine!


Focus on the things that matter. 

Unfortunately, summer flings were always my thing. I never held interest in a person long enough to pursue anything past the summer, and most of the time the people I showed the most interest in were only home for the summer. (Sucks right?) Sometimes we get so caught up in wasting our time thinking about the wrong things. We spend energy on things that truly don’t deserve a lot of our attention. For me, it was fostering relationships that will eventually lead nowhere. For you it may be spending too much time on social media, or stressing over situations that are out of your control. Focus on what is most important to you and lock in.


Embrace the power of “NO”.



One of the hardest things I had to learn this summer was that it is OK to say “NO.” Actually practice it right now. Open your mouth and just yell the word “NO!” Some of you probably said, “OK, no I’m not doing that,” and that’s the first step! The same way you told me no is the same way you have to tell other people no. It’s OK to choose not to work with someone, decline an invitation out, or even refuse to do a favor for someone. The more you practice saying no, the more comfortable you’ll be using it in situations where it’s a little harder to speak up. Find your “NO” and shout it from the rooftops. You’re not obligated to do anything for anyone.


Timing is everything!



The universe knows when you’re ready. This summer I’d been working on a special project for my blog that I had been expecting to drop in August. As you can very well see things didn’t go according to plan, but that’s exactly what I needed. Looking back, I now understand that I was not ready. The funny thing about God is he has a way of breaking up the ground underneath you and forcing you into safety. He places us exactly where we need to be, not where we want to be.


Success is where faith, your vision, and execution align. 

The most valuable lesson I learned this summer would be to always, always, have faith, plan your vision, and execute relentlessly. Without one of these three things you are bound to fail. You must wholeheartedly believe in yourself or no one else will. Why would someone waste their time believing in you when you can’t even believe in yourself? Without a clear vision and plan you have no idea where you’re headed. It’s like just jumping in a lake without a life vest knowing damn well you can’t swim. And without execution your plan and vision are just dreams. Faith without works is dead. Pray, plan, and execute… in that order!


May the last four months of 2017 be the best yet!

Peace, love, and good vibes…

Kenya, xo


One thought on “Cheers to Everything Summer Taught Me!

  1. Deloris says:

    I sooo love this blog. This hit close to home for me. Everyone is always asking me Can you do this? Can I borrow that? and Do you mind if? And I’m always like yes, sure, ok. That gets old and tired, so from now on imma be like “Hell Naw” LOL. Anyway good read love it and love you, keep up the GREAT work😘


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