Being a Woman in a Man’s World

It is no secret that men dominate the music industry, but who says women can’t run it too? One thing I can say about trying to make it as a working woman in general, it’s hard — especially in the entertainment industry.

There are sooo many misconceptions about women trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Just to name a few:

  • We don’t know “real” music.

For some strange reason some men think we only listen to music for the beat. If it’s not twerk worthy, it’s a no go! [Note the sarcasm here.]


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  • We’re all whores. 

eye roll

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This is probably the one that upsets me the most. As a woman you’re sometimes viewed as an object. There are some men that feel entitled to you, but know that you’re here for one thing and one thing only– business. Keep your head high, and carry yourself like a boss. You may get label as a b*tch, but it’s better to be respected than liked.

  • We have no idea what we’re doing. 

Well, I guess we’ll just have to prove them wrong.


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So, now that you know all these odds are stacked against you, what are you gonna do? Sink or swim? If you’re anything like me then you’ve already decided, “I’m not that girl, but I am gonna make it even if it takes me a bit longer.”

Early on I realized that you’ve got to have tough skin, be about your business, and never lose sight of your dreams. Although I’m nowhere near I want to be, I’m so far from where I used to be. Here are a few tips that helped me along the way.

  • Set the standard. 

Very early in whatever relationships you form (whether they be business or personal) know what you will and will not tolerate. People only treat you the way you allow them to, so you must set the standard and make it very clear.

  • Recognize your power.

There is great power that comes with being a woman. Once you understand the power you hold, you will then know how to play your cards. Also, it is important to know when to exert that power, and when to shut up and listen.

  • Do your research.

I cannot stress this enough. Find out everything you can about your field, and always know who is in a room. When you’re aware of who is in a room, you have the ability to work it. You even have the power to shift the atmosphere.

  • Keep your legs closed. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. While I’m pretty sure it’s easy to ride your way into your desired role, it’s not the only way.

  • Work with other women. 

You’re the sh*t by yourself, but imagine what we can do together. There are so many talented women out there just willing and waiting to support you. Check out Melanin Girl Movement, a brand dedicated to empowering women of color. They even have a group chat full of motivating girl bosses. GIRL POWER!

girl power

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  • Believe in yourself. 

If you can dream up an idea, then you’re halfway there. If you can visualize yourself achieving your dreams, then you can manifest it. All it takes is believing in yourself to turn your dreams into something tangible. Never give up.



Peace, love, & good vibes…

Kenya, xo 




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