The Hit List #9

“Twisted” x Rack $quad Shakey | Chicago, IL

This Chicago rapper is something like a jack-of-all-trades. Shakey produces all of his songs, which just adds a little bit more flair to his style. I had the privilege of seeing him perform at SXSW, and his energy is unmatched. The fast, upbeat tempo of “Twisted” makes you want to let your hair down and (as they say in the Chi) “T up.”

“Diamonds” x Xzayvier ft. Y.P. | Montgomery, AL

Diamonds is a of rags to riches story, almost like a testimonial. Y.P. leaves his heart on the beat as he raps about being similar to a diamond in the rough. Even though, Xzayvier’s vocals are mixed in with a bit of autotune, he does not disappoint. His diversity as an artist really shines through as he brings this track to life.

“Submerged” x Breon Jackson | Richmond, VA

“Submerged” is a feel good R&B song with an island flavor. Breon certainly has a style that is like no other. His voice is like a smooth silk ribbon as it caresses the mic, and effortlessly glides across the track. He is definitely an artist to watch out for so be on the look out for his next project in the upcoming weeks.

“All Night” x A-Game | St. Louis, MO

St. Louis rapper, A-Game, has a promising future ahead of him. “All Night” has a sound that is reminiscent of old-school hip hop, and has the potential to be the relationship (or situationship) anthem of every hustler. A-Game most definitely lives up to his name and brings his “A-Game” on his latest album, “My City Made Me a Monster.” Find it now on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.

“Let Me Know” x Yo Trane | France

Yo Trane’s enchanting voice instantly places me in the mind of The Weeknd and Michael Jackson. His music is fun and alluring, sensual yet whimsical. “Let Me Know” is an instant banger! Why are you still reading? PRESS PLAY.

Always find your next favorite artist here on The Hit List.

Peace, love, & good vibes…

Kenya, xo

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