The Hit List #8

“No Point” x Chuck Indigo | Nashville, TN

Some of you may remember Chuck from the very first episode of The Come Up. Well, he’s back with a new track, “No Point”. In this song, Chuck let’s his competition know that there’s no point in rappin’ you ain’t playing to win. But, I say there’s no point in rapping in if you ain’t gone drop a tape. Where’s the Indigo SZN that everyone has been waiting on??

“Explosion” x Namebrand ft. Nikki Grier | Long Beach, CA

Namebrand has been in the game for a minute, but he proves track after track that he is still relevant, and has no plans on becoming irrelevant anytime soon. “Explosion” is a track that he allegedly made for his woman, and I’m here for it all. The song tells a story of how he first met his [now] wife, and the feeling that she gave him from the very start. Listen to the song all the way through, you won’t regret it.

“Taking Me Back” x Josh Xantus | Queens, NY

Josh X, a rapper out of Queens, NY is next up! I actually ran across his music because Cardi B reposted it on Soundcloud, and boy I’m glad she did. Josh has a sound that is true to his Caribbean roots, but also mixed with R&B swagger. “Taking Me Back” is the second song off his project, Amour.

“Get You” x Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis | Toronto, Canada

I was five seconds into this song when I knew I would fall in love with it. I simply closed my eyes and allowed myself to get lost in the music. Daniel Caesar has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. No literally, I am not playing. His voice is so soft and unique; a sexy blend of John Legend, Bilal, and The Weeknd. “Get You” is one of those songs you’ll find yourself replaying until it makes you sick.

“BIG” x Sharaya J | Jersey City, NJ

OK, so I know I compared Tierra Whack to Missy Elliot, but I stand corrected. Don’t get me wrong, Whack is definitely in a lane of her own, but Sharaya J is the queen herself reincarnated. Sharaya and Missy’s likeness may be due to the fact that Sharaya is signed to Missy’s label, but I’m sure it’s wayyy deeper than that. Sharaya is an amazingly talented, all-around creative that’s not afraid to think outside the box. Prepare yourself to be launched back in time, and press PLAY!

Peace, love, & good vibes,

Kenya, xo

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