Episode 3 X Coke the Coolest

When I first met Coke the Coolest we were both working at Chick-Fil-A in Troy, AL. I was a cashier and he was a cook, but we both had one thing in common… making it into the music industry.

Coke is one of those artists that you can’t help but to like. He literally has a song for whatever mood you’re in. Though he hasn’t released a project yet, Coke proves his versatility as an artist through his Soundcloud tracks.

Hour Glass featuring Anonymous is probably one of the hardest songs he has out right now. With a classic hiphop beat, Coke and Anonymous both effortlessly lay down catchy verses and surprisingly no hook. Yeah3x has a more nostalgic beat, and Coke shows off lyrical side as well. Soft Heat is that song that turns you up, but is just chill enough to be played at a Friday night kickback.

Coke does a #FreestyleFriday every week on his Instagram page, so make sure you follow and stay tuned for the next one!

Check out episode 3 of The Come Up featuring Coke the Coole$t below.

Peace, love, & good vibes,

Kenya, xo

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