The Hitlist #6

“So Lonely” x Freek & Sir Mayes | Washington D.C | Jacksonville, FL

D.C native Freek, and his homie Sir Mayes teamed up to drop some hot sh!t for the listeners. “So Lonely” literally just dropped last night, but I had the pleasure of seeing the two perform this song live at Vible Study on February 5th.  They both have different flows, yet such distinctive voices that they come together perfectly to create an explosive remix to Janet Jackson’s classic, “So Lonely.”

“Love + Kisses” x VIS | Los Angeles, CA

“Love + Kisses” is an ode to the independent women out there simply wishing they’d come across a real, true love. I think that VIS‘ messages relates to all women in some way, form, or fashion. The beautiful poetry in her lyrics is simply an honest masterpiece. Never settle for just any man girl, only the right one. Love & Kisses!

“Chosen” x 3rd Dimension | Madison, WI

Composed of members: Probs, Burn, Reeks, HalfBreed, and Spaz, 3rd Dimension is surely a group that you want to have on your radar. Their sound is pretty unparalleled in this age of the rap game. Although, some may see it as an unfair advantage, having so many members really sets 3rd Dimension a part from the rest. The many voices that compose this group positively affects their ability to manipulate any beat and blend flawlessly to make a unique sound. Press play to listen now, but “don’t tell me this yo sh!t if you ain’t f**kin’ with it!” 

“Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth” x EDF | Houston, TX

EDF stands for ‘every day fresh’, and this Houston rapper’s lyrics definitely live up to his name. “Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth”, freestyle recorded a few years back, is heavily influenced by rap duo UGK. EDF pays homage to his Texas-bred brothers by staying true to that dirty-south Texas sound and murdering this beat.

“Boxes & Squares” x Tank and the Bangas | New Orleans, LA

Lead vocalist Tank is New Orleans born and raised, so it comes as no surprise that music is a part of her being. Tank and the Bangas style can only be described as spoken word meets hip hop, and then intersects with funk. Though Tank’s twisted lyrics can be quite humorous, they are also pretty ironic. I can confidently say this young band is on the rise, and there is not another like them out there. No group is relatively as talented and entertaining as Tank and the Bangas!

Until next time…

Peace, love & good vibes, 

xo, Kenya

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