The Hit List #5

Real x M1C CH3CK | Montgomery, AL

Mic Check keeps it all the way 100 in his song “Real”. Fed up with fake rappers spitting cliche’ hooks about “gun clapping and packing steel,” this Montgomery native effortlessly brings potent poetry and punchlines as he literally skates across this track. Mic Check brings that old school flavor back to dirty south rap, and I’m here for it all!

Naked x Savannah Dumetz | London

With a voice as timeless as Savannah’s, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this song. “Naked” mirrors the sweet, yet raw and emotional voice that this London artist harbors. This song celebrates the uncertainty we have towards vulnerability. “Naked” is a liberating song that perfectly depicts letting go of your strongholds and living life in the truest form of yourself.

Bad Tendencies x Theo Martins | Providence, RI

Though he’s not new to the rap game, Theo Martins drops an instant classic with “Bad Tendencies”. We haven’t heard much from the singer/song-writer since late 2013, but he’s back with some heat! “Bad Tendencies” focuses on positive vibes only. Keep that negative sh!t over there. As Theo reminds us in the hook, “don’t focus on the wrong energy, dishonest energy, or meaningless energy.”

Dirty Diana x Gibron Lastname | Chicago, IL

This Chicago rapper proves that, contrary to popular belief, not all rappers from the Chi are trap rappers. Dirty Diana follows the alluring chase of a difficult lover. Gibron’s symbolism in this song is everything that I live for. The thrill of the high that people have for drugs is parallel to the toxic, yet intoxicating thrill the artist has for Diana. I can’t lie this one has been on repeat!

Badmon x Leather Corduroys | Chicago, IL

Power duo Kami and Joey Purp simply cannot be confined to a single genre. Leather Corduroys is the epitome of what makes music so dynamic. “Badmon” is where trap music meets island jams, and then SURPRISE! These guys sprinkle a bit of rock ‘n roll right at the end of this track! Though the song may not be their most current hit, it is definitely one you want to add to your playlist this weekend.

Until next time…

stay classy stay true, 

xo, Kenya

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