The Hit List #4

Toe Jam x Tierra Whack | Philadelphia, PA

This eccentric Philly rappers’ surname is definitely the epitome of who she is, and I don’t mean that offensively. Tierra Whack is weird, quirky, off-set, and cold. No, seriously there’s not another female out here killing like her. The girl brings a flavor to hiphop that we haven’t seen since Missy Elliot. Tierra Whack is the true definition of the phrase, “I am not a female rapper.” Move over Nicki Minaj, “crack kills if it don’t gotcha WHACK will.” 

He[art] x Nolan The Ninja | Detroit, MI

With his deep lyrics, poetic energy, and smooth style Nolan The Ninja instantly captured my heart. OK, maybe it didn’t get that deep, but there’s something so captivating about his flow. It’s hypnotizing almost, the way he paints a picture that causes you to get lost in his lyrics. He is a true, honest, and unashamed artist, and I love that about his music.

Backwoods x GATZBY | Houston, TX

What’s an H-Town artist without a chopped and screwed beat? “Puffin’ on the backwoods schemein’ on big dreams…” The songs opening line sets the tone for the entire song. “Backwoods” is definitely a smoker’s anthem. The best time to sit back and plot your next move is right after you’ve puffed a perfectly rolled backwoods (or Garcia Vega), and the guys at WildWestRecords know it.

B*tch I’m Beautiful x DallyAuston | Chicago, IL

“I see life as beautiful as it could be, through the mud…through it all. You’re supposed to endure it all…good and bad, and that’s beauty.” That quote from DallyAuston pretty much sums up the entire vibe of the song, and him as an artist. The vibrations from this song just make you want to smile and jig. See the beauty through everything in life, that’s what makes it worth living.

Good Morning x Alex Vaughn | The D.M.V

First and foremost let me say you will NOT be able to sit still during this song. “Good Morning” is one of those feel good songs that resonates deep within your soul. I literally listen to this every morning to get through my day. Alex Vaughn‘s electric voice is sharp, yet flows across the track like a calm stream. Her mixtape “The 4pm Mix” is also available on Soundcloud, and you will not be disappointed. She is the artist to watch out for in 2017!

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