What’s In Your Closet???

Imagine that you have a movie premiere or the livest party of the year to attend, but nothing to wear! Your girlfriend is wearing these killer Jimmy Choo pumps, and you’d do anything to get your hands on that pair of Louboutin’s that are completely OUT of your price range.

Problem solved. Enter VillageLuxe, a secret society of fashionista’s that rent out their closets to fashion lovers just like you and me. The company was founded by Harvard graduate Julia Gudish Krieger (who I’m just going to dub as the queen of fashion’s future).

“If folks are sleeping in each other’s beds and driving around in each other’s cars, what’s the next personal asset that hasn’t yet been disrupted? My wardrobe.” – Krieger

VillageLuxe is an invite-only community where women based in New York can rent out their closets to fashion-lovers in their area, and even across the United States (as long as you’re willing to pay for shipping).

The website offers plenty of high-end designers such as: Gucci, Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. Prices for the items start as low as $20 per week. What true fashionista could resist that? 

This shared economy company gives women the opportunity to make profit off items they’ve previously purchased, so ultimately it’s a win-win situation. You buy a pair of Chanel shoes, and then rent it out for $200 per week a few weeks later.

If you’re a buyer instead of a renter, you’ll never have to wear the same outfit twice! This seems like a much cheaper alternative than shopping. You could buy (well, rent) high-end designer labels without breaking the bank.

However, there are a few downsides I could see arising. Personally, if I lent my clothes out to someone I’d be worried about them taking proper care of the items. You never know if the girl across the hall in Apt. 3 is as clean as she appears to be. You also can’t be too sure that someone won’t waste red wine on your silk, cream Rick Owens blouse. Or what if some girl just decides not to give it back at all? I’m sure the creators have crossed all their “T’s” and dotted all their “I’s”, but you can never be too sure.

If you’d like to be apart of the VillageLuxe community head over to their website and join now. If you don’t have an invite code and you aren’t sure how to get one, I’ve got you covered!

Slay 2017 the right way! 

Until next time…

stay classy stay true, 

xo, Kenya


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