The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams

manifest (man·i·fest) ; display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate. be evidence of; prove.

I read a quote the other day that said, “the way you are describing your life is the way it’s manifesting.”  The very next second I made up my mind to speak nothing but positivity into my life.

Whether you’re religious or not, the fact of the matter is you control your own fate. The power of life and death is in the tongue, and you literally have the ability to change your destiny. The moment you start speaking positivity into your life, you will begin to see your future unfold right before you.

When I stopped worrying about everything that went wrong and started focusing on what was right, everything my life instantly shifted. All of the things that I had prayed for began to manifest right before my eyes.

I started writing my dreams out and began to speak life into them. When someone would ask how my life was going I’d smile and tell them great. I minimized my complaints and maximized my praises.

Today, I sit here as a 22-year-old college graduate that has a passion for music and fashion. I sit behind a computer screen and write this post to you on a website that I built (myself) from the ground up. A website that I grew from 0 to 600 views in one month alone. I have a dream of showing girls all around the world that it is possible to live out your dreams; that nothing is too far from your reach. I have a love for good music, and I love helping underground artists gain the support that they deserve. Each day, I wake up and live out this dream.

Now that you’ve read this post… how’s your life going?


Until next time…

stay classy stay true, 

Kenya Rae,xo




image credit: Larm Rmah of


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