The Hit List #2

Drippin’ x Paper Nolassnaym | Birmingham, AL

With a chill, laid-back beat Paper Nolassnaym skates across this track. The entire song just begs to be an Instagram caption. The first line, “Heard you been lookin’ for Paper, look no further baby here I go,” instantly caught my attention. But what really turned it up a notch for me was the hook–“I be drippin’ with the sauce you just get lost in the flavor.” Tell ’em Paper! Check out his song below.

Dirty Diana x Gibron Lastname | Chicago, IL

“Diana wanna dance with the devil in the moonlight…” This Chicago rapper is a far cry from another Chief Keef. Majority of Gibron’s music will ’cause you to just vibe out to his unique beats and distinct voice. In Dirty Diana, he tells the story of a girl that’s addicted to the fast life. It’s a beautiful song, and I instantly fell in love with it. What are you waiting for? Click play!

Famous x Crook Calhoun | Birmingham, AL

Secretly I’m a sucker for trap music, especially trap music that doesn’t feel like trap music. I’m talking bout real old-school, dirty south beats with a chill flow. Crook Calhoun literally embodies this in Famous. At the end of the day, in some way or another, isn’t that really what we all want…fame?

Gassin’ x Resse420 | Miami, FL 

As soon as the beat drop I guarantee you’ll feel this one. It’s literally impossible to sit still during this song. The sample on this song is sick, and I literally have been searching everywhere to try and figure out where it’s from. If you know please tell me. Press play to hear the song below. DISCLAIMER: Song may urge you to spark up and ease your mind. (;

Love the City x VIS | Los Angeles, CA

I’m about to drop some serious #BlackGirlMagic on y’all right now. I don’t care what anyone says, VIS is one of the hardest female rappers out right now. She’s soulful, poetic, whimsical, and she’s only 22. [Insert shocked emoji here.] We need more women like this in hiphop. Check out Love the City below.

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