If You Knew Your Death Date…

No, seriously if you knew the day you were going to die what would you do differently? I, for one, would spend time with those that matter the most and fearlessly chase my dreams.

Death is inevitable, yes? So it’s pretty obvious that we are all going to die some day. That day might not be today, or tomorrow, but some day we are going to leave this Earth. Knowing that fact should inspire us to live each day like it is our last.

I shouldn’t have had to pose the aforementioned question for you to desire to change your life, or live it to the fullest. We should already be living each day as if it’s our last, because tomorrow isn’t promised. If you left this Earth tomorrow would you be content, or would you be lying on your death bed with memories full of regrets?

The world is your playground and it is just waiting for you to explore it. Do not sit back and let life pass you by. Make the most of the moments you experience on a daily basis. There is an expiration date on everyone’s life. 

I remember when I was first asked this question, and it caused me to look at life differently. I always found myself making excuses as to why I couldn’t accomplish something in the present time. My favorite line was, “oh I’ll do it tomorrow.” But, sometimes we don’t have until tomorrow to do something.

Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today? I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to get as much done as you can right then than to waste time putting it off. Your time is valuable and precious and it should be treated as such.

Take advantage of the opportunities around you. Take advantage of the people around you. Go out and have drinks with friends, learn a new language, play a sport, [even if it is just for exercise or fun] and spend time with those who matter most.

Every day is a gift from God and a chance to start over. Make it count. No matter what life throws at you or how bad things may seem; no matter how bad you want to give up remember this is not the end.

Strive hard for success, and follow your dreams. You don’t want to reach the finish line with a pocket full of ‘what if’s’?

So I pose the question once again; if you knew your death date what would you do differently?


Until next time…

stay classy stay true,

Kenya, xo

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