Kenya Feel Why: What Others Think of You Isn’t Your Business

If there’s one thing Mean Girls taught us it’s that not everyone is going to like you, and not everyone is truly your friend. But guess what, who cares? I, for one don’t and you shouldn’t either. What other people think about you isn’t your business. 

Think about it this way, in life everyone is going to have haters. What’s a hater you ask? [ Please reference Urban Dictionary here as I am not going to explain the definition of a hater.]

Having haters is like one of the necessary evils of life. You don’t want haters, because let’s face it, at some point in time we all want to be liked. But, on the other hand you do want haters because in the words of Meek Mill, “if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t popping“.

Should you dwell on the fact that there’s someone out there that doesn’t like you, or thinks negatively of you? Of course not. What you allow into your live will eventually control your life. And by that I mean, if you surround yourself with negative people and dwell on the negative energy surrounding you eventually it will consume you. Spending too much time worried about acceptance from others will tear down your confidence.

A friend once told me that when it comes to negativity you have three choices. You can either 1, be like an egg. When you throw an egg to the ground it cracks, and all it’s contents spill out onto the ground. Choosing to be like an egg allows others words to completely destroy you.

You can choose option 2, and be an apple. When you throw an apple to the ground and then pick it up it appears undamaged on the outside. But, when you peal back the skin you see that the apple is bruised and battered on the inside. Your outward appearance can seem unscathed, but on the inside you’re just as broken and bruised as the egg.

The last option is my favorite. Option 3 is choosing to be like a tennis ball. When you throw a tennis ball to the ground guess what it does? IT BOUNCES RIGHT BACK UP! Can I get a witness?

Just in case for some reason your eyes managed to skip over that last line I said, IT BOUNCES RIGHT BACK UP! You’ve got to be able to shake the negative energy off and keep going on about your day like nothing ever happened.

You have no business worrying about what someone else thinks of you. It’s what you think about yourself that matters the most. You guys may think I’m just a lonely college girl that blogs about meaningless topics, but as long as I see myself making a profession out of what I’m doing that’s all that matters. The biggest mistake we make as humans is worrying about what other people think.

No matter your religious view points, the fact stands that we are all going to leave this Earth one day. When you finally make that exit you’re going to leave alone, and you’ll have to account for yourself and yourself only.  No one that has ever mumbled a bad word about you is going to leave with you. In the end you have to answer for yourself and no one else.

When you hear someone speaking negativity over you turn a deaf ear to it. You have control over your life. Don’t allow it to be taken from you by consuming yourself with the opinions of others, because they don’t matter. Love yourself. 


Until next time…

stay classy stay true,


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