Kenya Hear Me? Interview with Kimistry Hair Lab


What’s better than having a hair formula catered to your specific hair needs? Nothing, my sisters! Absolutely nothing!

Montgomery hair stylist, Kim Willis, is taking hair care to the next level! At her salon, Kimistry Hair Lab, the “‘kim’ist” aka Kim concocts a different formula for each client. Though a naturalista herself, Kim doesn’t constrict herself to limitations.

Her purpose is to educate people on healthy hair, mind, body, and soul. I had the luxury of sitting down with Miss Willis earlier in the week, and I must say our conversation was nothing short of amazing.

What is the number one hair tip you’d like to share?

Moisture is so important. Manipulating dry hair is the worst thing ever. Your hair is real fragile when it’s wet, of course, but putting in moisture is important. Use moisturizing products, use leave-ins, and other products that add moisture and softness back into your hair. Any product that will put softness back into your hair before you manipulate it is the key. Be gentle to your hair; love on your hair.

Noting that you’re natural, do you just specialize in natural hair?

I don’t limit myself like that. I’m a cosmetologist, so I do everything. I work with chemicals, but you know a lot of people consider natural to be no chemicals. I specialize in healthy hair. If I can make your hair grow down your back with a relaxer, then I’ll do it. But, if I feel like we do a consultation and that’s not the best thing for you, then I do what’s best for my clients. Each person gets their own formula at the lab.

When did you realize that your passion was something you could take to the next level?

I guess once I got in the salon, and I started to educate myself more on it [hair care]. I started realizing that it was much deeper than just doing hair. I started to connect with people and make a difference with my connections. I started to notice that I could tap into people and their personal issues. I was more than just a hair stylist. I was like OK, this is more fulfilling than I thought it would be.

Do you believe that’s what sets you apart from other stylists? 

I think it’s that, and though it’s always fun to have friendly competition,  I don’t try to compare myself. I understand that my gift is my gift and the next person’s gift is theirs. I feel like we all are different when we focus on ourselves and try to stay in our lane. I know what matters to my clients and my market, so those are the people that I focus on. That’s what sets me apart.

How did you begin to turn your dreams into your reality?

I set my own rules. I decided what mattered to me, and I didn’t let other people tell me what was going to be for Kim. Other people had opinions about what a real job was, but I knew what felt right to me so I just stayed on that path.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow their dreams just as you have?

People always say to just go for it, and I just read a quote the other day… It said, ‘if you can’t conqueror that fear, do it in fear!’ Even if you feel afraid and that fear is holding you back just push through that, and keep going regardless. I think that it’s better to have tried and say, ‘oh that wasn’t for me’ than to look back years from now and say, ‘I never tried,’ or ‘I never peaked at something I was great at.’

Not only is Kim an exceptional cosmetologist, she’s a total philanthropist as well. She is currently wrapping up a food drive that will feed over 350 students in five Montgomery-area schools. In the upcoming year she plans to host a vision board party, and also launch her salon’s official website.

Book your appointment at the lab today! Make sure to stay in touch with Kim and never miss a beat here.

Kim, girl, you’re an inspiration to women everywhere! HashtagBlackGirlMagic!


Until next time…

stay classy stay true,

Kenya, xo


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