Episode 1 x Chuck Indigo

The Come Up: Episode 1 x Chuck Indigo 


What you mean you ain’t heard of Chuck Indigo? This Nashville, Tennessee native is definitely one rapper you want to have on your playlist.With a soulful sound that has a modern twist, Indigo is sure to leave you mesmerized before he even drops his second bar.

His iconic style is soulful, inspirational, and raw. Although, he puts you in the mind of a young J.Cole don’t get it twisted, Indigo is in a lane of his own. He’s a voice of truth for his community, and it is evident in his music that he isn’t afraid to step into consciousness and tell it like it is.  We need a lot more of this in hip hop.

His freshman project, Outta the Blue, showcases his versatility as an artist. The project opens up with his testimony of sorts in “Testify“, and he even lays down a few tracks for the ladies such as: No Scrubs, Oh My, and Early Retirement.

Teaming up with his fellow CornerHouse Music Group brother Nico Stockton, Indigo dropped another tape on Apple Music titled, Kaizen. The duo immediately capture the attention of their listeners with tracks like Too High and Know Why. If you’re an iPhone user, the tape is unquestionably worth the listen.

Stay tuned for his next project, Indigo Season, which is expected to release in 2017. In the mean time enjoy episode 1 of #TheComeUp featuring Chuck Indigo.

Be sure to stay connected with Chuck Indigo, Nico Stockton, and CornerHouse on Instagram.



Until next time…

stay classy stay true,

Kenya, xo 

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